🥓bacon in ice cream🍦

I know some people who dip their french fries on ice cream, but not with bacon.
Three weeks ago, I saw “bacon” on the menu of an ice cream shop in BGC. My first thought was “bacon!? sa ice cream?!”. My friend who I was with at the time confirmed that it is indeed bacon 🥓 but he did not like it. So I was hesistant that time to order its milkshake version. Instead, I opt for the Chocolate Mint Milkshake (fan of mint here! 🙋🏻). I became curious about it since then so when a friend from work, Zye, craved for an ice cream from Farmacy, I already know what to get –that Candied Bacon ice cream I saw three weeks ago!😋

Candied Bacon ice cream by Farmacy Ice Cream and Soda Fountain, BGC

I laughed when I tasted it the first time –not because I made the wrong move about this flavor, but because it actually did really taste bacon! There are bacon tidbits in it! It doesn’t taste bad, well, for me! I like bacon, I like ice cream, so, Bacon in an ice cream?I liked it! I think it tastes good! Well, as they say, each to his own! 😋 Will definitely go back for it! 😜

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