lessons of the pencils

In today’s sermon during the Holy Mass, the priest reminded us of the parable of the pencils. I was glad to hear it because it’s one of my favorites.

The lessons that the pencil-maker told the pencils are something we can all learn from. We are so much like the pencils.

  1. Everything you do will always leave a mark. —Like a pencil, what we do leaves a mark —good or bad. Whatever we say or do will always make an impact on the lives of the people around us in one way or another. We have to bear in mind that should our time comes, we will always be remembered by what we leave behind. And most of the time, as they say, what we make others feel always have a greater impact.
  2. You can always correct the mistakes you make. —We all make mistakes. And just like a pencil, we can always correct them. We shouldn’t be defined by our wrong doings. No one deserves to be judged by his shortcomings but by one’s willingness to humbly right his wrongs.
  3. What is important is what’s inside of you. —In today’s age, we have become so obsessed with how we look, or how others perceive us. In this age of social media, we crave for likes 👍🏼 and approvals. We have become more conscious about how we look and less concerned about how we are inside as a person. Let’s always remember that what’s in our hearts is more important that what we look like. After all, as they say, that as we age, our skins sag, but never our hearts.
  4. In life, you will undergo painful sharpening, which will only make you better. —Unfortunate events, difficult situations, difficult people —God uses them on us like sharpeners. They are the painful lessons we have to learn not because He wants to hurt us or to punish us, but only because He wants us to be tough, to be strong, and to help us become a better person.
  5. To be the best pencil, you must allow yourself to be held and guided by the hand that holds you. —And God’s hands it is. 😌

May you have a blessed Sunday in your side of the world. 😉

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