Busog in Less than P200

Too hungry but so little money? Thanks to #BookyManila App!

Yesterday, my friend Charitie and I went to see the Bad Genius movie. It’s a good movie, by the way. We encourage students to see this movie – not to have an idea how to cheat on exams, but for the lessons to learn from cheating big time. Charitie said there are cinemas that give discounts to student movie-goers.

But before the scheduled movie, we went Booky and scored #BoGos (Buy One, Get One) for our lunch! Feeling lucky that the ones we wanted to try have branches in Megamall that participate in Booky!


Buy 1 Get 1 – MAX’s Fish Fillet in Black Beans Sauce Rice Bowl
What’s in it?
– Crispy fish fillet with red bell pepper
– Spring Onions
– Ginger in dark brown sause
– Plain rice

What’s not included in Booky’s description is that it also includes your choice of Iced Tea or Pepsi! But since it’s on BoGo, you and your friend won’t get to choose different drinks – either it’s iced tea or pepsi for both of you. 😉

Regular Price is P169 per serving.


Buy 1 Get 1 – The Lost Bread’s Sub-Zero Soft Serve Ice Cream
You may choose from:
– S’mores (best seller! picture below)
– White Chocolate Caramel
– Chocolate Popcorn
– Strawberry Fruit Cereals

Regular Price is P149 per serving. 


We split the bill so each of us only spent less than P200 for lunch and desserts! Not bad!

Oh, we love Booky already! ❤
*You may download the Booky App on App Store and Android Google Play.

Until our next Booky BoGo food tripping! 😉

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