Breakfast Brothers and Udderly Delicious Milkshakes and Desserts

Two weeks ago, Charitie and I planned a quick trip to Marikina. Our main purpose was The Book Museum where collections of miniature books are displayed. From Cubao, we boarded a jeepney and got off Marikina Bayan. We haven’t had breakfast so when we got to Bayan, we thought since we’re already in Marikina, might sa well try to go to Lilac Street.

Lilac Street is a neighborhood of restaurants, like the Maginhawa Street in Quezon City. But for me, unlike Maginhawa, I find it easier to food crawl Lilac than Maginhawa. Based on experience, we can find the restaurants easily in Lilac just by walking along end-to-end of the street, unlike when we went to Maginhawa, we got lost finding, for example, the Icecreamist where they serve liquid nitrogen ice cream.

We got to Lilac St., a little too early. Restaurants open at 11AM. We walked along the street for 30 minutes choosing from and figuring out which restaurants to try, while waiting for the stores to open.

Breakfast Brothers


The place is nice, the food is great, but the staff..? Hmm..
We loved the food (Cha ordered tapa, and I the bacon!) but we got disappointed by the staff. Unlike other restaurants, even in food chains, where no matter what the staff is doing, when any one of them sees you come in, they’d greet you with happy faces, Breakfast Brothers’ crew at the time we were there, weren’t that friendly enough to even say ‘Good morning’. Even when we went to the cashier to order, no, nothing. Every time we experience that kind of treatment anywhere, we’d get the feeling that the staff doesn’t like what they’re doing anymore.

Udderly Delicious Milkshakes and Desserts

This one! We loved the place! Charitie and I both ordered their Dark Chocolate Avocado (because avocado is love!) and it did not disappoint! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m missing it already. I’m sure to be back here soon! Must try!

How to get to Lilac Street?
1. From Aurora, Cubao, board a jeepney (or an FX Van) with “SSS Village” signage (fare is 17 pesos, if I remember exactly).
2. Tell kuya manong driver to get you off Lilac Street.

That’s it! ๐Ÿ™‚

PS. You may also, like Charitie, search for the Lilac Street food map so you can decide already which you would like to try before heading there. ๐Ÿ™‚

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