God answered my prayer with a milkshake

Ever since I had a misunderstanding with my beastpal’s wife, I have shut myself from them. I unfriended them and all close friends we have in common in Facebook. For more or less 3 years I remain distant and for all those years I tried to forget them.

During those times, I have become bitter whenever somebody in my friends list would post about their high school reunion. I would tell myself that “oh I don’t really have friends in high school..” (sounds immature, I know but that’s me).

But I admit that that made me sad. There are things that remind me of them. I can’t lie to myself and pretend that I don’t miss them.

For almost 3 years I had been successful to not think too much of it. Thanks to my work that keeps me busy and some friends whom I enjoy spending life away from work with.

I was okay with it not until one of my close friends in high school passed away last year. It made me think and miss them over again. Since then, I prayed for the day when I’d be able to talk to my beastpal and his wife. More than reconciliation with his wife, I’d like to know if he ever did get upset with me. I prayed that one day I’ll be surprised with a message from him.

And then one day, when I was going home I thought I saw him in the MRT station. I refused to say ‘hi’ as he didn’t even see me. Instead I messaged his wife right away and told her that I think I saw my friend. She confirmed that it was him. Then a week after that I received a message. He asked that if I want, we can go grab an ice cream some time.

I said yes to meet up a week after.
We ended having a milkshake.

I asked if he was angry at me. And then he cleared things for me. He said he was never angry. Ever. It just took him so long to reach out. He apologized for the times that he, admittedly, forgot about me. I only kept smiling and nodding. He laughed at me while scolding me to listen. Little did he know that I just couldn’t say anything because I am close to tears while hearing what he had to say.

I was close to giving up that this day would ever come. Maybe it took God so long to grant my prayer because He’s waiting for me to be ready to face him.

And when He thought I am now ready, God finally answered my prayer…

With that milkshake. 🤗

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