Caleruega ~ Closer to Nature, Closer to God

The Transfiguration Church (a.k.a. Caleruega Church) is not the only thing people visit Caleruega for. Outside the Dominicum (where the Grand Stairway is), leading to the Caleruega Garden are sculptures of each of the Stations of the Cross. This also makes Caleruega a perfect place for those who are planning to do the Way of the Cross.

The Garden and Other Must-See Sights

Across the Garden is the Koi Pond. From there can just go around the place to Kampo Terraces and Amphitheater, the Hanging Bridge, and up the walkway that leads to the the Transfiguration Tent Chapel.

You may also want to try the Banana-Qs sold at 20 Php per stick and fresh Buko Juice at 30 Php each being sold before trailing up to the Tent Chapel. So yummy!


My favorite part of visiting Caleruega is the taking pictures of its beautiful flowers.

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Bonus is this perfect picture of a Butterfly caught in the act of drinking nectar. 🙂

How to Get There? Click here. 🙂

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