#BestYearEver: Impact

We are God’s handiwork.

We are all made in His image and likeness, and we are created to do good works. And those good works have already been prepared for us by God. We just need to cooperate with Him.

Creating an Impact

If we want to create an impact, we have to give our greatness to the world. God has already given us our tools or talents and we only have to use it the right way.

screen cap from The Feast Bay Area SYNC Live Stream

Bro. Didoy is teaching us that we have to use what we are blessed with, to bless others. And this is where I remember that quote that says we cannot give what we do not have.

Sometimes we do things and fail. We get sad, we give up. But maybe, we fail on doing those things because we are not meant to do it. An aspiring singer will fail if he was made not to sing, but compose songs. An artist may fail as being a painter, because although he’s good at painting, he wasn’t made for it – rather he was made to create a different art, and that’s where he can inspire more.

But how do we know where we are blessed with? What has God blessed us more with that we can use to create an impact to the world?

What’s your FOCUS?
We have to know what to  focus on. And in order for us to determine it, we have to ask ourselves and identify

  1. That thing that when we do it, we can help most people; and
  2. That thing that when we do it, we feel most alive.

From all the things that we do, or capable of doing, what is it that does not feel like work? What is it that we are happy to do, yet it also helps people? Something that we do that benefits both ourselves and others?

To help us identify the answer to the above questions, we can also ask others the following questions about us:

  1. Where do they think we excel?; and
  2. What do we do that helps them the most?

Because sometimes, people who are close to us are the ones who can help us realize what we are great at. This reminds me of times when friends would tell me to do something just because they know I’m good at it (though, most of the time I don’t believe, and think that they’re just being nice to me).

Identify what you are made to do. Answers to these questions help us identify what God has made us to do. Identifying it keeps us from wasting time doing things we’re not meant to do.

What’s your FUEL?

We have to know our purpose.

Passion + Potential + Pesos = Purpose

Where what you are made to do (passion) meets where you have the most potential, and helps you create the most revenue, is your purpose.

Once we have learned what to focus on, and identify what fuels us to do it, then we can create an impact to the world.

I was not able to physically attend The Feast today, but I was lucky to watch another session, The Feast Bay Area SYNC live stream.

The Feast Bay Area is a weekly prayer gathering of the Light of Jesus Family. Sundays at The Feast start with a Holy Mass, proceeded by a worship, then the talk sessions by Bro. Bo Sanchez and other Feast Builders. For Feast Schedules, you may visit their Facebook page: The Feast Bay Area

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