#BestYearEver: Shortcut to Success

Today marks my first attendance to The Feast by Bro. Bo Sanchez for 2017. Every month at The Feast, Bro. Bo, together with other Feast builders discuss certain topics during the Talk session which is done after the Holy Mass and Worship. Each topic is divided into a series of talks each week for the whole month, thus it’s called “Talk Series”. As for my experience, a month usually has 3 Talks (one each Sunday) that focus on one topic, the 4th Sunday would sometimes be kind of like a Summary of all the talks during the month.

For the month of January the Talk Series is entitled “The Best Year Ever“. This is divided into the following:
Talk 1 (Jan-8): Imagination
Talk 2 (Jan-15): Imitation
Talk 3 (Jan-22): Implementation
Talk 4 (Jan-29): Impact

Since I wasn’t able to attend the Feast last January 8th. I’ll just share what I have learned on today’s talk: “IMITATION“.

Today’s talk has a tagline “shortcut to success“. We all know that there really is no shortcut to success. Success is achieved through hard work, blood and sweat. Bro. Bo, together with Bro. George at the 10:45AM Session, shared the 3 Ways to Win in this Game of Life.

  1. CATCH – identify the winners. Avoid religious people who do not have love in their hearts. If we want to be winners, we have to be surrounded by winners – the real winners, not those who only pretend to be successful. Like Bro. Bo’s example, those people who seem wealthy but has huge debts we’re not aware of, we don’t want to be like them, right? So talk to real winners.If we want to build a business, then we have to look for people who are already successful in that field, and learn from them. That said, if I want to be successful at blogging, then I have to find successful bloggers and learn from them what makes a good blog and how have they kept their blogs interesting, etc.
  2. COPY – once you have identified the winners, copy them. But only copy what fits you.  Bro. Bo earlier said, “Don’t copy personality, copy production. Don’t copy process, copy passion.”

    We only copy what is applicable to us or what’s applicable to what we want to achieve and be successful at. For example, let’s say I have already found someone successful at blogging, and let’s say this person is a successful food blogger. What Bro. Bo is trying to tell us is that, in my case, I don’t have to start a food blog like that person, I don’t have to go food tripping everyday or every week, just to have something to write about. I don’t have to copy that way.Bro. Bo is teaching us to copy the successful person’s passion meaning finding what we are passionate about. Not only does it help us to focus but finding our own passion also helps us find who we truly are.
  3. CREATE – we may copy, but we also have to be original. From what we learn from successful people, we can start creating our own way to success. From there, we can share to those aspiring people and let them copy our production, our passion so they can create their own. And hopefully they’ll do the same to others.

I like this from Bro. George Gabriel, “You can always be a second rate version of anybody but you have to be the first rate version of yourself.”

There there.. 🙂

Nothing is more exciting than the game of life, and to win, we just need to Catch the winners, Copy their passion, and Create our own.

The Feast Bay Area is a weekly prayer gathering of the Light of Jesus Family. Sundays at The Feast start with a Holy Mass, proceeded by a worship, then the talk sessions by Bro. Bo Sanchez and other Feast Builders. For Feast Schedules, you may visit their facebook page: The Feast Bay Area


[Edit 1/29]: Added Talk 4: Impact


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