A first.

Last Sunday, October 9, my friend Charitie sent me a link to Travelicious.world‘s page. The page is inviting aspiring writers to write about their travel experiences for $40AUD/1000 words.

I thought about it and went through the steps required so my application would be approved.

The first requirement was actually an investment. I needed to have my own blog site. That meant I cannot use this blog site under WordPress. I had to buy my own domain. I thought hard if this is going to be worth it. I browsed on GoDaddy (Travelicious recommended) and went through the steps on creating my own domain, checked on the price first before deciding to buy.

The cost of the domain was on sale so I grabbed that chance. Finally, though unplanned, I checked my domain out. Yay! 😁

Ever since I started this blog Read My Thoughts in 2008 (title changed through time), I have always dreamed to have my own blog site. Finally the day has come.

To introduce to you my first ever own, self-hosted blog site, here’s Pasyal ni Jok (please follow the link to see the page). The title Pasyal ni Jok was Charitie’s idea when she helped me come up with a title.

Another first.

So after my application to Travelicious.world was approved (thank God!), I then started to write my first article. It was just about my experience when my friend Maya and I went to Sandbox at Alviera in Pampanga (PH).

The article was reviewed by the administrators I guess of the travel web site based on their format and set guidelines. Then after 2-3 days, I received an email telling me the good news! My article is approved! And true enough, I got paid on the day they published my work. Yaaay! 😂

If you want to read my work, please click Weekend Getaway: Sandbox at Alviera. (thanks in advance!😉)

But the challenge is just beginning. I may have been paid for this article, but in order for me to get my next writing assignment, Travelicious.world shall first check on my article’s performance to determine or decide whether I can really work/write for them. 😊 (honestly I am not that proud of what I wrote compared to the other articles by good and experienced travel bloggers, so I am not expecting it, my work, to get anywhere really)

I am rather challenged than discouraged by this. I have this mindset that whether or not my article’s performance fail, I will still continue to write here or in my new blog site, and share my thoughts on Read My Thoughts, share my experiences through pictures on Watch What I Photograph, and my travels through Pasyal ni Jok. 😊

Pasyal ni Jok

Started only a week ago, so it doesn’t have any content yet, except for the first post which is more like an introduction, and the About page.

I intend to post here all the places I had been to, as well as my future travels. I’m still working on my format so all posts would be uniform. I wish I could find time to write everything!

Also, I’d be using this new blog as I try to make a trip around the 81 provinces of my country, The Philippines (a bucket list). 😉

So, there! 2 firsts! 🤗


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