Sir/Ma’m, May I Go Out

Whenever Mama and I would visit my elementary school, the Directress would always tell us, “ay nung sinabi nung guard na andyan daw si Jocelle, sabi ko ‘ay papasukin mo yan papasukin mo yan estudyante yan dito’.”

When I visited after 20 years, Ms. Castroberde walked up to me excitedly and gave me a hug just like you do when you meet an old friend you haven’t seen in years.

At the time of this picture, they smiled looking at me then Ms. Milan said, “di parin sya nagbabago.. Kita mo nga naman o, naka-shorts lang at t-shirt at backpack.”

These are the teachers who never complained about me being 30 and still looking like a High School student. Compared to the one who told me to remove my pigtails when I was in 4th yr HS in a different school. (I’ve forgiven but sorry I don’t think I will ever forget.)

Anyways, San Lorenzo Ruiz School in Meycauayan, Bulacan and all my teachers (from the Principal down to the “Ate Makring” in the canteen) will always have a special place in my life and heart. Sometimes I wonder what I would have become if I didn’t go to this school. Siguro nahinto na ako, then nag-asawa ako nang maaga. 

I’m grateful for all my teachers and professors, especially those professors who believed and supported our batch (pasaway kasi daw), and Sir Gomez who had my friend get me at the library and then told me “mas okay sa akin na pumasok ka kahit wala kang assignment kesa yung mag-absent ka sa klase ko dahil mas maraming mawawala syo”. 😁 

But I must really say that my teachers from SLRS are the most special. 

Thank you to all the wonderful maestros out there and much to those who continue to do their job with passion.

Happy Teacher’s Day, mga Ma’m and Sirs!. 😍 I’m sorry I’m late. May I go out? 😂


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