[pov]: on networking

Lure the people to join you not by showing off your position or by the wealth, expensive gadgets/accessories that you’re gaining from what you do, but by the health benefits your products have to offer and how it can improve their life in terms of well-being, not just wealth-being.

Yes, we’re not here to just live and pay bills.

But, we’re also not here to just get rich but still die.

I need to live healthy enough to work hard til I get my dreams (no matter how long it takes), healthy enough to still be able to do ziplines (no matter how old I get), and healthy enough to do everything that makes me happy.

I do not need to die a millionaire. (unless I can bribe St. Peter to let me enter heaven unfortunately it doesn’t work that way)

Enough todaying for today. #JOKtober2 😉

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