Not every thing in life is asterisked*. 😉

Hindi naman lahat ng bagay required – maintindihan, makuha, ma-achieve. 

Minsan sapat na lang na alam mo kung ano, pero di required intindihin kung bakit or kung paano. 

Wag mong obligahin ang sarili mo sa mga bagay na hindi required gawin, kunin, intindihin, or i-achieve. And don’t take it against yourself for not doing, not getting, not understanding, not achieving.

Things that are “Good-to-have”, “good-to-know” may not necessarily mean required to have or required to know. Recommended maybe, but not required.

We often feel guilty or confused about whether or not do certain things for someone. We require ourselves of things that none of those people are obliging us. 

You may be a good friend to some, but you are not required to agree with them all the time. Likewise, you may be in a mutual hate with another but you are not required to disagree with them every single time.

You may know somebody your friends hate but it doesn’t mean you have to hate the same person, too.

You can invite a friend for a chat over coffee but he/she isn’t required to invite you come see with them a movie.

In today’s times, I have already accepted and learned that opening doors for the person behind you, letting people take your seat are no longer a requirement, but a choice. And we don’t have to judge and be judged from the choice we’d make (on letting or refusing to do).

It’s okay to say No sometimes (for valid reasons). And it’s not required to say Yes all the time. 😉

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