pen and paper


The first time I heard the word and learned its meaning, big word. I learned about it through friends who knew I love to write. They suggested that I try blogging – an online diary. I searched about these online diaries, and other sites that host blogging. I have created accounts on websites that can be a medium for blogging – blogger, tumblr, and a lot of its kind but I haven’t maintained any of it. I get bored using them. I liked writing manually by pen and paper more than typing online.

I like to write. I am a very quiet person with a mind that won’t shut up. You know being a quiet person doesn’t mean you know nothing. With me, it’s the opposite. I’m quiet because I love to observe and I think a lot. My Facebook statuses before are not just one-liner statements – blog-long thoughts.

Before I took on to blogging, I used pen and paper. Whenever I feel at my writer’s block, I get a pen, turn the back of my notebook and start cursive writing. I smile whenever I write in cursive, because just like it I think it’s my thoughts that guide my hand as it continues to write that way non-stop.

Online blogging. I finally gave it a chance when I created this blog 8 years ago. I did not have a hard time tweaking themes as I used to enjoy tweaking my Friendster page years ago. If there is a task that I had a hard time that was finding a name. This blog started as little dream cloud – as described in my introduction to this site. Oh, now makes me realize that I haven’t updated it’s link! Until it became “My Thotful Spot”. Pardon the spelling as I adapted it to Winnie the Pooh’s “thotful spot”. 😉

I never considered myself as a blogger. I don’t think I could pass as one. 8 years of blogging (not including the years since elementary when I started writing poems and essays) – typing my written words onto this editor and I still feel like a newbie. I really do not know how to blog. All I know is there are a lot of things I want to write – a lot of thoughts I want to share.



Now I am not sure if this could pass the IBMC #09: Be A Baby Challenge. (now feeling desperate.. hehe)

One more to complete the Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge


3 thoughts on “pen and paper

  1. Incredible! Writing every time like the first one is awesomeness! The perspectives will be fresh.

    This was very interesting. And 8 years (and more) is like wooow! 🙂 Keep writing.

    1. Yes 🙂 and I have promised to myself that no matter what happens, I will never stop writing. 🙂 thanks for reading, Prakash 🙂

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