connect the quotes

Now, this I think is my failed attempt to the IBMC #05: The Not So Quite Quote Challenge. There are 5 quotes that I am to make a story out of so all 5 could be related to and hopefully make sense altogether.

Oh my. I’m gonna hide my face behind my palms for this post. Here it is so bear with and spare me please. 😁

He found her staring by the window as he walked into the room and stood by her. “Hey”, he whispered nudging her gently. She kept staring at nowhere in particular thinking to herself about alot of Thoughts – and how they do what we don’t ask for!

“Is everything okay?”, he asked.

“Yes. It’s just that I am confused at times.”, she answered. Then at the back of her mind “Should I sound? Should I echo?

At times, we pretend to think on one and actually think everything else! And she seemed to be thinking not just of one thing but a lot that has been bothering her for some time now. He sees that on her face. He was becoming worried. “You can tell me”, he prodded.

“I have questions.” she said

“Try me.” he answered.

The she asked a serious question. The answer to which that he doesn’t know. Shed cracked a punch line for the answer. It was a joke.

He bursted out laughing, “I knew it! I almost believed something was wrong with that face. You got me there! Grrr!”

She can no longer fake that victorious feeling of fooling him. “I have another one” Yes, a lot of Q&A joke series.

Laughing still, he refused to hear another one, “Not agaaaain!”

You need not answer all the questions! You can just laugh and laugh again as long as you want!”

Both laughing, while she pleaded that her next joke be heard. ✌🏼️

And.. that’s it. I’m sorry to disappoint! ✌🏼️😁


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2 thoughts on “connect the quotes

  1. It was not that bad! It was not bad at all.

    It was an interesting conversation between two, when they actually kind of don’t know what to be discussed(or talk) but still want to. That is what makes two people good friends and keeps close.

    I enjoyed reading it! :-).

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