resting b*tch face.

For IBMC #04: Hunt a Haiku Challenge, I am supposed to pick one of the 5 given haikus and then say something about it.

I choose Haiku 01:

expressions of face
happy sad angry frown shy
face is the index

Oh. The expressions of the face. I don’t usually believe in someone’s facial expressions. A person’s face doesn’t always tell the truth behind what he/she is really feeling as some people are good at hiding – they make you see or believe that they are okay by putting up a happy face, but the truth is not. I’d like to believe that it’s actually the eyes. If you want to know the truth behind a happy face, look the person in the eye.

My Computer subject teacher in High School once said that I have expressive eyes. She once told me, that for her to know if all in our class understands what she just taught us, she would always look at my eyes. My eyes would tell her or give her a hint if she has to repeat everything.

A friend in the previous company where I worked would also look me in the eye when she wants to know if I’m telling her the truth. Once she asked how I am and I happily (all smiles) told her I’m super okay. She looked me in the eye and seriously told me, “No. You’re not.”

So.. for me, it’s the eyes, not the face. Plus, sometimes I actually believe I have what they call a “resting b*tch face”? — like when you’re really happy or you really appreciate something but your poker face doesn’t seem to show that you are indeed happy? Like that. hehe. =p


More of the IBMC Challenge here.

2 thoughts on “resting b*tch face.

  1. And I get to see this expressiveness through my eyes! Eyes it is then! 🙂

    A very nice take on the haiku. May be people have collectively put it as face. The reactive element of face if off-course eyes! Nicely done.. 🙂

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