so much Thursday

Our 5-year old cocker spaniel dog walks then stops by to reach my 3-month old shihtzu like a mom giving a quick kiss to her daughter. He woke up early motivated for school only to find out the class was suspended. The tough-guy President’s speech threatening criminals was delivered in Bekinese (gay language). She spent sleepless nights to complete a very complex homework, only to find out that the professor only tested his student’s patience. And even the title doesn’t connect. The vintage pencil sharpener was all it took to break a family. Three more sentences to survive. Oh, and I want a man like Storybrooke’s Captain Hook! It was the Christmas Holidays, invited me to Starbucks then told me point-blank “Get your tumbler (from those on sale)”, won’t let me refuse and then paid for it. If the wait is worth it and it kills so much to wait, then will it worth dying waiting?


And that’s for today, a take on IBMC #03: Risk for a Random Challenge where I had to write 10 sentences that do not have connection to each other.

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