Pope Francis – Lolo Kiko to Filipinos

It was January 18th of last year. My friend Cleigh and I decided to take the chance to see him in person. We were among the thousands of people who waited since early morning just to have a glimpse of the Pope. At about 2 or 3pm it started to rain. We did not have an umbrella. We were dripping wet already but decided never to give up until we see the Pope Mobile. And just as we started to feel tired and gloomy like the weather that day, we heard a siren that signals that the Pope’s already on his way. Then as the Pope Mobile passed us by, I saw him. Have you ever felt so happy that your happiness is manifested through tears? That’s joy. Suddenly we were not tired anymore. 🙂 The faster the Pope Mobile passed by us on his way to Luneta, the slower he passed us when he was leaving that we were able to take his picture. Pope Francis’ smile was so bright that even though the picture was a bit blurred, I still can’t fail to see his smile. His beautiful smile was the sun that brightened that rainy day. I was so moved by him that I needed to write my Papal experience in a blog.

Pope Francis. We fondly call him Lolo Kiko. 😊

This post is written for IBMC #02: Freeze a Foto Challenge – 2nd of the 10 tasks in the Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge

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