choose a filter


I am writing this while seated by the window in a 12 or 14-seater van. The tinted windows make it dark inside I could not read a book. 

While I am enjoying my view by the window (I love window seats, btw), I notice that because of the tinted windows, everything looks gloomy from the inside of the van when in fact it is bright and sunny outside.

Then I realized that sometimes it is how we see things. Sometimes we see things differently from what it actually is. 

In an iPhone camera, there are 8 filters – Mono, Tonal, Noir, Fade, Chrome, Process, Transfer, Instant. In the Camera360 application, there are even more. 

Seeing things and situations is like taking pictures. There are those that do not need a filter because you can already see beauty in its rawness, that you can already accept it for what it is. And sometimes there those that you need to use filter on – like you have to see the other side, find its sense and beauty by choosing a filter that suits you.

Things don’t always go the way we want it. And during those days, let’s just try to choose a filter by which we look at those things or situations from. Let’s choose the filter that will not worsen the way we see them, but rather help us see things more clearly or in a different color.

Ooops. I’m almost about to get off. Gotta go! 😉

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