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choose your master or serve the two..

May mga bagay na ayaw (or ayaw na) natin gawin pero kailangan (parin) natin gawin.

So, meron kang dalawang mahalagang bagay na di mo maiwan.
Yung isa – yun ang nauna. Ito un nagbigay ng starting point kung asan ka ngayon.
Yung ikalawa – bagong opportunity pero ito yung nagbigay sayo ng mas “naka-sisiya” kesa sa una.

Pwede ka naman pumili.
Alam mo kung saan ang gusto mong bigyan ng matinding focus.
Alam na alam mo kung alin sa dalawa ang mas matimbang sa’yo — syempre, yung pangalawa.

Pero siguro sa ngayon, hindi na gaanong mahalaga syo yung una.
So ngayon, porke wala ka masyado mapala sa isa, nawawalan ka ng gana.

Well, actually nawawalan ka ng gana dahil sa excitement mo sa pangalawa.
Dun mo mas gusto. Kahit ako naman siguro magiging ganyan kung nasa posisyon mo ako.


Wag naman..

Sabi, “You can’t serve two masters at the same time.”
I say, “so.. choose.”

I’m not saying that you quit #1.
I’m just helping you get through.

It’s obvious you’re losing effort on and becoming negative about your “current”.
I can see you’re becoming rather more energetic and positive on what just came in.
It is understandable.
But please be understanding too, that while you still cannot let the first engagement go yet, then make time for it, too. Exert the same effort you used to give it when you were still starting (even before the new one arrived). I believe the new opportunity is supposed to inspire you to be better.

Just because nagsasawa na tayo sa luma ay basta basta na lang natin ito iiwan dahil mas exciting yung bago.

Hindi porke ayaw na natin gawin ang isang bagay, eh babale-walain na natin.

Okay lang siguro kung sa atin lang nakasalalay yun. Kaso hindi.. Hindi tayo solo. Hindi tayo yung buo. Isang part lang din tayo ng isang buo.

While you cannot yet choose between your two masters, why not be fair to both of them?

The second master rewards you more than the first master can, obviously. By being fair, I mean, if you can’t serve these two equally, then at least serve the first master enough – don’t just suddenly stop.

What could be a better story?
1: You became successful at one thing but in the process, gave up the other?
2: You found a way to be successful at both things – making two masters, and yourself, happy? As my friend, Mau said, “do both and become the master of your own choice”.

I think, number 2 would be a much inspiring story to tell.. and that’s what I’m counting you on.. đŸ™‚


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