nameless pillars

I was on my way to the office this morning. I took a van in Quezon Ave going to Global (BGC). The van took EDSA. I was seated in the 3rd row of the back seat. I can see the roads and buildings ahead from where I sat.

While the van was approaching the Ortigas flyover, somewhere in the South direction, this twin-tower-like buildings, which I suppose are located in Makati, caught my attention.

I was just amazed and thought wasn’t it amazing that men built these tall buildings that have been home to big and small companies for years?

I suddenly thought that these men do not only deserved to be well-paid. I suddenly thought these men, the names of each and every individual who helped build these deserve a space somewhere in the building (the lobby at the least) that they built. Or something just like in one of the pillars of ABS-CBN where they listed or painted on the names of the pioneer broadcasters, etc of the Network, who were considered as the “pillars” of the station.

Just a random thought early in the morning. 🙂

window cleaner in one of the buildings in Eastwood
Busy window-cleaner in one of the buildings in Eastwood.

“727. Show extra respect for people whose jobs put dirt under their fingernails.” -Life’s Little Instructions Book

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