just the first step

How does one start their New Year? Most people would be busy listing their New Year’s Resolutions – things that they promise to do better (or start/stop doing) this year.

I used to do that, too, but not anymore this year. I don’t want to promise doing things but then eventually fail in keeping them – I don’t make promises I can’t keep.

This year, I’d rather want to try. Try living what they call a Bucket List Life. I want 2015 to be a Bucketful List Year. I want to try many things this year and I have an in-progress list of the things I have never tried before that I’d want to start doing now.

– Watch a new Movie (that I’ve been meaning to watch) alone
– Leave an origami (write a note inside) at a random place and hope that it could make someone’s day when found.
– Try Muay Thai at least once in my life time.

See? I just started listing. I actually have an existing list of things I want to do before I hit the bucket, it’s just that this time, I’d like to list them one by one as I achieve it or as I first thought of it.

On the first Sunday of 2015 (January 4), I had the courage to start my 2015 journey. Maybe it was really meant to be that my friend who was supposed to join me jog on Sunday morning, wasn’t able to come. For the first time ever, I ran 5.5km around the QC Memorial Circle Shrine without company. I was glad that I really did not feel alone as there are so many people (individuals, and groups of families and friends) who were there every weekend to jog, dance zumba, or just stroll and stay in the park. For the first time, I did not feel ALONE. 🙂

Surprisingly, for the first time I enjoyed my own company. After finishing my morning run, I found a spot and left one origami that I brought with me to the park. I wrote a note inside this butterfly wishing anyone (who would see and pick it up) a nice day. I hope I was really able to make that person smile. I hope that he/she did not think that I was only adding up trashes.

Butterfly Origami I left within the QC Memorial Circle Park
Butterfly Origami I left within the QC Memorial Circle Park

And this serves as my official start to the New Year.

No promises.

No DOs and DON’Ts. No Start/Stop resolutions.

I just simply want to enjoy. 🙂

There is just one thing I want to really learn this year: learn to enjoy my own solitude. 😉

..and this is just the first step. 🙂

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