The Year That Was: 2014

Most people welcomed 2014 with a bang. 2014 welcomed me, and my family with a different bang. Two of my loved ones passed away in the first two weeks of the year. My grandmother died on January 3, while my father suddenly left us exactly a week after, which was on the 10th. Both on a Friday.

I feared every Friday since then for a couple of weeks.

It’s almost a year and I feel I still can’t talk about it in detail, yet. I just don’t want to remember what happened and how it did.

This post is not actually to tell everyone how sad my 2014 had been. Instead, I would like to write this year my THANK YOUs.

Thank you to friends who did not let me be alone and made sure I have someone to talk to, to keep me from depression.
Thank you to family and friends who respected my silence.
Thank you to the new friends I gained this year.
Thanks to the opportunity of trying new things – Archery, Ice Skating, and Mountain Climbing.
Thank you for a big opportunity that opened for me before this year ends – something to look forward to in 2015.

Thank you to all the friends who made me, and are still making me realize that I am more than what I think I already am. Thanks to those who consistently make me feel good about myself.


Dear God, Thank you for giving me the people I needed, a chance to meet the people I wanted, and a hope of finding someone I’d both need and want. 🙂

And Dear God, You may not have given me the happiest year, but you have actually given and granted me my only prayer I had the year before – a stronger heart.

My 2014 began with sadness, but it ended with a new hope. 🙂

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