#101DaysOfSmiles – Day 91

Finally, after some thought, I have decided to create a new blog – a photography blog! šŸ™‚

I am neither a photographer or a photography student. I don’t even consider myself as good in shooting pictures. I just love doing it and a few friends appreciate my shots. Some say that I have the talent so I thought might as well create a blog which solely contains photos that I take. šŸ™‚

My new blog’s name is Zenbutiful. Zenbu is a Japanese word which means “all” or “everything”. I combined with the word “beautiful” which then makes the word zenbutiful which means (well, for me), that “everything is beautiful” – because I believe so. šŸ™‚

There! You might want to check my new blog out. Below is the link:
ZENBUTIFUL: Everything’s Beautiful.. it just takes a good heart to see it

Read the About page (‘Zenbutiful’) section to know more. šŸ™‚

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