#101DaysOfSmiles – Day 44

Kindness, like a boomerang, always returns. -Anonymous

It was raining hard earlier on my way to work. Although I have my umbrella with me, I still got so wet from my knees down. I was supposed to hail a cab when I noticed an old woman beside me with only a cap to cover her head. I decided to share with her my umbrella as I went on to ask why she hasn’t got one. I can’t remember if she forgot to bring or she just left her umbrella at home.

I waited with her until we find the jeepney that she’s supposed to take. I rode the jeepney with her since my work location is just on the way. I was surprised she immediately insisted to pay for our fare. And I suddenly thought and felt that that old woman and I have just been blessed by becoming a blessing to each other. 🙂

That was just one big smile! 🙂
But wait! Here’s another one. 🙂

A friend invited me to dinner. She said she’s feeling sad and she wanted to eat. Eventhough I am still a little full, I decided to come with her. When we’re on our way to buy food, I noticed that she was teary-eyed. I asked what’s wrong but she won’t tell me. I did not anymore insist to know what she was sad about.

We ate. She had her chicken. She’s then smiling.

When we got back to our workstations, she suddenly came up to me again and already smiling, told me “thank you :)”

And I had more than enough smiles today. 🙂

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