to the Year that was and the year just in.

2013 was not my year neither did the previous years. And I am not hoping that 2014 would be mine this time. I am not even asking for it to be.

No matter what happened in the past year/s from day 1 to 365, and whatever is to happen next, and no matter how I felt (and will feel) about it, I know (and God knows, too) that I can still sincerely say that “I Am Grateful”.

I may not have all the happy things in life but I believe I have given almost everything I have just to bring “happy” home.

As I bid 2013 goodnight, I’d like to thank all the friends I have disturbed in the middle of the night, texting nonsense just to keep my mind off of a bad night. Thank you to friends and their families who have let me in their homes when I badly wanted to be away from mine.

Thanks to friends who I can text anytime anywhere no matter the timezones. Thank you for being there (as if just by my side) even if we’re miles apart, giving me virtual hugs every time.

Thank you to my facebook friends for not reporting me as spam every time my fb shout outs won’t shut up.

To every friend I have (to date) -old and new, thank you for being part of my 2013 and thank you for letting me be part of yours.

To 2014…? I don’t expect you to be awesome or good to me. May you just bring peace and happiness to every soul and bring what your numbers seem to promise –Love.

Happy New Year! May we all find what we’re looking, hoping, and praying for.. 🎉

Lastly, should there be one thing I want to ask God for this year, it will be just strength and a stronger heart.

Bless you all!

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