Bestfriends are born, not made.

I was browsing on my godchild Colynn’s facebook timeline. It was her birthday 3 days ago. I saw that she posted a picture of art materials (2 sets of kokoru corrugated papers, glue stick, art booklet for the kokoru) that I sent her as a birthday gift. I also saw among the pictures that she uploaded a hand-written letter as a birthday card she received from I guess one of her friends now in High School.

I tried to read what was in the letter. I smiled while reading the message. Her classmate’s message is clear – she wanted Colynn to be her best friend. From that letter, I just saw my high school self in her.

When I was in elementary and until during high school, I used to ask the same with friends that I think I want to be best friends with. I also exchange letters with them, letting them know that I hope we could be best friends forever.

One day at the kitchen in the old house while my mama was washing the dishes, she said something to me out of the blue. ‘Hindi mo dapat tinatanong kung pwede kayong maging best friend. Dadating yun.’ You don’t ask your friends if they could be your best friend. It will come. Apparently she accidentally read one of my letters and then told me that.

That’s one of things I learned from Mama. That statement is what I remembered when I saw the letter my godchild received from her classmate. I’d like to tell her classmate that she doesn’t have to ask anyone to be her best friend because it will come out naturally, surprisingly, and unknowingly.

We make friends out of acquaintances, colleagues, schoolmates. But the “bestfriend-ship” we’re looking for is born through time, laughters and tears spent together.

Bestfriends are like love. You don’t look for them, they find you. 🙂

NaBloPoMo November 2013

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