Flowers for a Friday Post

I am not really fond of flowers. I do not like flowers. I just don’t like them because flowers are too girly for me – it’s like I can’t imagine my friends seeing me with a bouquet of flowers. I’d rather be seen with my mouth full of chocolates than hands filled with lovely flowers. You could give me anything but never flowers . I do not even wear floral blouses before because one time I wore a floral blouse to work, one of my friends joked on me saying “Jocelle, hindi bagay hubarin mo na yan” (Jocelle, please take it off it’s not you – flowers aren’t for you).

Not until this year. I moved to another company (but not because of that friend who told me not to wear floral anymore.. LOL). The place where I now work is so different from where I used to go – there were lots of trees, and grasses, a lagoon, ducks, mini parks, gazebo. FYI, I did not move from IT work to farming – it’s just that the place seem so far from the city because of its surroundings. Hehe! It’s in UP Ayala Techno Hub, Quezon City PH (search for it) and every day, I see these plants and flowers that I become so fond of them and I like to take pictures of them plus I loved how the pictures look taken my camera phone — yes, #NOFILTER. Haha!

Since then, every time I see flowers anywhere, I take pictures of them. Anywhere means – along the side walk, inside the Technohub, even in the cemetery. I am just starting so I don’t really have a lot of pictures to share. Below are just a few that I loved, however, I can’t tell you what each flower is, except for the first and last flower which are both Gumamela, and the 7th picture which is an Orchid. 🙂 You might want to tell me the name of the rest. 🙂














So, there! My first Floral post. 🙂

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