I’ll just keep writing..

If no one ever read your blog or knew that it existed, would you continue to write? kludgymom.com

My answer is ‘Yes’.

I have been writing since high school. I wrote poems. I had a notebook where I had literally written all my poems (now I wonder where that notebook had been all this time). Nobody knew I was keeping a notebook full of written poems. Nobody knew about each poem except those for whom I wrote a specific poem. I constantly write poems during that time and I never wanted anybody to read them. I was so shy like that. For me, my poems are better kept unread by many.

In 2006, a friend told me about blogging, recommended me blog sites where I can post my poems or literary pieces. I liked the idea of writing online. I was initially hesitant on online blogging. I am shy to post my writings. I fear that online readers won’t like what I write. I tried to post for the first time one of the first poems I’ve written. I received good feedback. Readers liked it. I felt happy.

However, I suddenly stopped writing and I cannot remember now why.

After 2 years, I finally decided to take writing seriously – meaning, create a blog site and start writing again. One of my friends introduced WordPress to me. I liked the idea of having and customizing a blog site, and eventually having followers and readers. I started with WordPress not at least one follower/subscriber. I only had one constant reader – my friend May. Having no subscribers and low stats of views did not discourage me. In fact, it has even kept me writing. All I know is that I just want to write – nothing more, nothing less. I feel good when I finish an article/post. I love reading my own blog post – amazed that I was able to write a piece of essay. I did not care about the statistics or hits or views. I did not care about who (and how many) reads what I write or if no one has interest in anything that I would be posting. I just simply want to write.. that’s all.

As years pass, I am starting to notice my blog hits (views).




.. then suddenly 1000. I was surprised but at the same time doubted if visitors are really reading my blog posts or just simply browsing. As of this writing, this blog site has 21,900+ hits (gained in 5 years) – but I am still unsure if readers really read me or not. I am so pessimistic like that.

All I know is that whether or not no one reads my posts, I will still keep on writing.

I will still continue to type my heart out and no one can discourage or stop me from doing so.

NaBloPoMo November 2013

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