what makes me happy

Since I have already completed the 2 30-day blog challenges, I asked for friends’ help in giving me ideas on what to post by letting them ask me anything under the sun just so I can survive the NaBloPoMo Challenge. My friend, Kat responded at once and commented with a question as a topic.

What makes you happy? hehe

Little things make me happy. I have once listed what happiness is for me. Tonight, I’m gonna list a few more, getting a little deeper.

What makes me happy..

  • Remembering me on my birthday – on the exact day of my birth, not late, not advance. I don’t know but it means something to me when I am greeted on the exact day.
  • A dolphin surprise – materialistic but not really. It’s the fact that my friends really remember to bring me home dolphin souvenirs because they know that I love it. There are also times they would share an article or news about Dolphins and tag me to it. It makes me feel loved.
  • Friends joining me on marathons.
  • Knowing that I can be of inspiration to friends – that I am able to inspire them to write/blog, and sometimes influence them to read books.
  • When I know that people are happy under my wings.
  • Knowing that I was able to prove people wrong of their first impressions on me – that I am not really snob or unapproachable.
  • When I know that my juniors can somehow learn from me – work or non-work.
  • Recognizing people with even little good things that they do, really makes me happy. I am happy to know that I can make others smile with just complimenting them for the good things they do.

These are just a few of the things that make me happy.

Random readers/likers who visit me here at my blog (joknut.wordpress.com) makes me happy, too. 🙂

Thank you! 🙂

NaBloPoMo November 2013

2 thoughts on “what makes me happy

  1. awww, and now i feel bad coz i often neglect on greeting people on their birthday orz heee~h, but now i shall remember that! xDDD and jokel, you always inspire me with your writings and the stuff you share, just want you to know that :’)

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