TheSW’s 30-Day Challenge – Day 25

Describe a moment when you “paid it forward.” What happened and how did it feel?


It was last year. Two weeks before my youngest brother’s elementary school graduation, I was told that there were kids that belong to his batch that might not be able to attend the graduation because they couldn’t afford the fee. I felt bad that because of money these kids might not be able to attend their graduation which is one of the milestones and highlights in a person’s life. I asked my brother how much was the fee and without second thoughts I gave him enough money and told him to sponsor 5 of the kids who really needed it.

I did not grew up as a rich kid. I had been through tough times as a school kid. There were even times when I was not sure and worried if I would be able to finish school. That’s why I know how it feels not to have enough for school fees. I am really thankful that I was able to finish school with the help of one of my aunts and her family. So I wanted to pay it forward in whatever ways I can.

NaBloPoMo November 2013

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