TheSW’s 30-Day Challenge – Day 20

Describe your most difficult breakup and what you learned from it.


I have never been into any romantic relationship so I do not know how to answer this question. In all the prompts of this 30-day blogging challenge, I admit that this is the hardest for me.


Kindly excuse me as I will be diverting from the word “breakup”. I am just going to blog about the situation that I had difficulty moving on from. There were two instances, both of which don’t fall into the “breakup” category. Two different instances, two different persons, same situation.

I do not know how to describe what they did to me – just a difficult and sad memory to remember. Let’s just say that it was just a broken friendship with 2 people who I was once close with and who I used to trust. They knew each other but weren’t friends, however for some reason, they both did the same to me.

– They befriended me.
– They became close to me.
– We enjoyed each other’s company.
– We played games together, used to eat lunches together
– They told me their secrets
– They hang out with me
– They were once those I cannot last a day without talking to
– And they both left me without a word
– They suddenly won’t talk to me
– They kept me hanging

Yes. They left me without a word. It’s as if they woke up one day and they suddenly did not know me. I waited for their chat messages, for invitation to play a game like we used to but nothing. During those days when I was waiting, I thought that maybe they were just busy with work. Until one day, I discovered why they left me. The first person who suddenly left me, actually found a new badminton playmate he’s been courting then. The second person who left me without a word, left me for a girl he once talked to me about.

I honestly felt that I was being used (I don’t even know if this is the right term). I felt that they only wanted to be with me then because they weren’t sure of anything, or they just don’t have someone to waste their time with. And when they have finally found someone, they’d just leave me like that. Like “I now know what I want, so I’m now done with you. Goodbye.”

These 2 people and the experience I had with them are one of the reasons I try to avoid trusting their kind of men again.

Isn’t it sad? It was a heartache.

NaBloPoMo November 2013

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