TheSW’s 30-Day Challenge – Day 17

What are your spiritual beliefs and how do they impact your relationships/relationship status?
I was raised a Catholic – went to Catholic schools from Elementary to College. I was taught that my life is written by God, He knows what and/or who is best for me, that marriage is sacred and I shall not commit adultery.

As I grow up, I learn new things and that sometimes when it comes to relationships, I don’t think Marriage is still important. Some married couples break up, while others who didn’t even go to Church for Matrimony were the couples whose relationships last in years. I learn that God will give you what He knows you deserve and is best for you but that you only have to wait.

I was taught that if there is someone or something that I really like, I should pray for it. And when praying for it, I need to be specific. I followed that for years. I had prayed for one person in years and it did not happen. I wasn’t mad at God. I didn’t even question the one who taught me to pray specifically. It took me so long to realize that His answer was a ‘No’, that there could be better.

I may be the only one left among my friends that is single, but I know this quote that woke my sleepy and closed mind up to a realization which I am holding on to now:
“When people mock you for being single, just smile and say, ‘God is just busy writing the best love story for me.'”

I am living the story God is currently writing for me, taking each page as it comes, hoping for a happy ending and I am looking forward to however God wants it to end. I know it’s going to be a good one whether with someone or alone. 🙂

NaBloPoMo November 2013

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