TheSW’s 30-Day Challenge – Day 10

Google the meaning of your name and talk about how it fits or doesn’t fit you.
My name is ‘Jocelle‘.
I searched for it and based on, my name means “A member of the German tribe, the Gauts.”. So how would I know if it fits me?? I searched again and found where it has an analysis of my name. And here is a list of traits that resulted from the analysis.

1. Your first name of Jocelle gives you a poised, gracious, and reserved nature.

2. You are capable and clever and would excel in executive positions.

3. As you are a private person, it is a challenge for others to get to know and understand you.

4. Your reticence has caused you to suffer aloneness and misunderstandings.

5. You would like to be easy-going and spontaneous but it does not come easily.

6. You can express yourself better through writing than verbally.

7. The mysteries of life appeal to you in your search for an understanding of the greater picture of life.

8. You love to read and can develop great powers of concentration.

9. There is also an over-sensitivity in the heart, lungs, and bronchial organs which could lead to related health weaknesses.

Among these, numbers 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, and 8 are the ones I think fit me.

I am always a calm person (or at least I try). I always try to calm down when I’m pissed and angry. One of my friends even envied me for being calm.

I am a private person. I value my own space. Others who do not know me and meet me for the first time would always have this impression that I am a person they can’t easily talk to. I am also an unpredictable person. Nobody know what’s next to what I am feeling.

I like things to be easy-going. I like things to happen smoothly. I don’t enjoy troubles, though it is always part of life.

Number 6 is really true for me. I write better than speak. I can always express myself better through my writing. I feel free to say anything in writing. For me, I could find my freedom there.

Mysteries of life amaze me. I am a thinker. I always think about life, and the things that connect each and every person to each other. My mind is never idle because of these things.

I loved reading ever since my Elementary days. It is through reading that I learn many things. I have even influenced some of my friends to read – I recommend books to them that I have already read and luckily these books never fail me.

Having said all these, I guess my name ‘Jocelle’ is really MY name, after all.

this post is supposedly for yesterday. Today is day 11 and I promise to be back on track tonight.

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