TheSW’s 30-Day Challenge – Day 8

Five things that are most important to you in a future mate.


1. Has a strong relationship with God. There was once a point in my life when I stopped going to church every Sunday, and was too lazy to pray every night. Those were the times when I have considered myself as God’s prodigal child. It was not turning away from my Religion, it’s just that I couldn’t find myself praying anymore. During that time, I told myself that if there would be a man who could be an instrument to help me go back to Church, then maybe he’d be the one. However, there was no one. Maybe it’s God telling me that since I was the one who walked away, then I should find my way home by myself. I’m glad I have already found my way back without anyone’s help – my own will, my own decision.

2. Loves to sing. I love going to videokes/karaokes. I would love someone that I can take with me to videokes anytime. I would love someone who can sing with me.

3. Plays an instrument. I really like someone who plays an instrument – any musical instrument. If it’s a guitar, then it’s a plus point! It would be nice to spend a day singing and playing songs together. I had a high school best friend who plays the guitar very well. I would always ask him to play any song during lunch breaks or idle times. So maybe this is why I want somebody who plays the guitar, too.

4. Patient. I NEED, rather than WANT, someone who has long patience. I am an unpredictable person – one moment happy, the other sad, one moment hyper, one moment down. I may sometimes be moody, and hard to figure out. Even my friends sometimes get annoyed with me. With this, I would need someone who can be patient with me. Somebody who does not easily get angry, and pissed. Somebody who won’t easily give up on me.

5. Has a good sense of humor. I love to laugh. I like it when someone can throw a joke and make me laugh my heart out. I love it when somebody can make me laugh when I’m depressed. It makes me forget whatever is making me sad. Besides, who doesn’t want someone who has sense of humor? 🙂

That’s all it for Day 8!:)

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