TheSW’s 30-Day Challenge – Day 7

Where you are in your life vs. where you thought you would be at this point.
I have been in the IT Industry for 7 years. 6.9 years of which were spent in just one company. I never thought I’d stay there that long. I have always believed that my “staying power” comes from the people that I have met there and became friends with.

I left that company 5 months ago. It was bitter-sweet. My friends and former teammates prepared something for me on my last day. I really cried like a baby when they surprised me. I suddenly became very sad. I never thought that I would be leaving these bunch of good people. I loved the company and even thought of staying for more years – I wanted to reach my 10th. I never thought that day would come but things changed that I just had to go.

So I moved to another company – which is where I am now. To tell you the truth, there are really times that I regret leaving my previous. We have this saying, “nasa huli ang pagsisisi” (regrets come last). Most of the times I feel so sad – one is because I miss my friends, and two, I never thought that I would have it worse now than I had on my previous (which I cannot even consider worse in the first place).

The difference between THEN and NOW? There’s a lot. I am just thankful that, slowly and one by one God is giving me and making me realize the reasons I shouldn’t give up on my current situation and these are the things that help me try to be optimistic: the new grads that I call ‘kids’ (as we do in my previous co.), the friends I am gaining there through time who would always remind me to “behave” – meaning to stop minding the things that only make me angry, pissed, and sad. 🙂

this is a late post. Wasn’t able to post yesterday for day 7

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