30-Day Drawing Challenge – Day 2

Favorite Animal.

I have always loved Dolphins! They are my most favorite sea animal. I even have this collection of souvenirs from friends from the places they have visited. I have dolphin keychains, magnets, necklace, bottle opener from Baguio and Boracay Philippines, Singapore, Brazil, and Mexico. I even bought a dolphin pen which I saw at a local bookstore. 🙂

I don’t just like Dolphins because they are cute as keychains or magnets or displays. I like them and I also try to fight for them against dolphin slaughters. I stand for them in my own way by telling myself that I will never support Dolphin Shows in marine parks as I’d rather watch them in the wild, where they really belong. It’s been a personal pledge after I watched the documentary, “The Cove” and I try to tell my friends about it, too.

Please let us #savethedolphins 🐬🐳

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