Ang ‘kalesa’ at ang aking mga co-kutseros :)

2 years ago, I was looking for every possible reason and way to be rolled off from my project that time. My former lead and AM who knew about my dilemma, who was then staffing for her new team/project told me to update my CV and send it to her. I did as I was told. A day later, someone sent me a personal message in the name of ‘Queendiosa’. We had a short interview – she asked about my testing experiences, etc. Faceless to me, I wondered who she is and what she looks like. Is she kind? Is she a terror lead? But even though I didn’t know then what kind of person or team lead this Queendiosa is, I already had this feeling of familiarity. We have never even known or met each other prior to that chat conversation/interview, but I was already pleading her to get me to be part of her team and I even told her that I really wanted to be rolled off from the project I was in that time. Kids (ASEs, SEs, fellow SSEs), don’t do this – cause it will either be an advantage or disadvantage.. haha)

Her nickname is QD (yes, Q.D, un parang ice cream na DQ pero baliktad).

QD: o sige, hindi ako magpromise pero i-try ko na kunin kita nang mas maaga ha.. (okay, I won’t promise but I will try to get you as soon as possible)

Me: salamat salamat po! (thank you thank you very much!)

2 days after that conversation, I was told that instead of rolling off from the project by the end of April, I will be then rolled off earlier.

my former lead/AM: ayan matutuwa na si QD! May team na sya! (QD will be very happy she will now have a team!)

April 25, 2011. My roll-in date to the GPI Project. Let me just refer to the project as ‘Kalesa’.

Kalesa. New team, new faces, new work… for 3 consecutive Releases.

Release 1 – total adjustment

As for the testing team, Release 1 was what QD described as the “total adjustment” stage. Seven very different people who came from different projects, who barely knew each other, except for three (Ruby and Jackie who had been team mates before, and, I and Jackie who were already friends that time). R1 was fun. Everybody became friends. R1 was where the friendship bond started.

Release 2 – Pinky Swear and Rocky Road

I almost didn’t make it to R2 because I was in another project when it started. QD tried to get me, and we had this “pinky swear” moment, a pact that she will try to let me be part of R2 again. I even wrote her a note in a chocnut wrapper saying “kunin mo na ako please” (get me from here, please). Fortunately, I was back.

Release 2 was, if it were an ice cream flavor.. a Rocky Road. That no matter how many Truffles-flavored Magnum ice cream we eat to release some stress, it still was a Rocky Road. Only 4 resources from the original R1 test team were left. It was a new adjustment. New people rolled in to the team. Somehow, we managed to get all work through. R2 was different. We (the 4 left) even had this goal of bringing the fun we had in R1 back in R2.

Rocky. I almost gave up and asked QD if she could roll me off the project (so no more R3 for me). Guess what she did? She gave me this piece of paper that looked familiar. I laughed when I read what’s on the paper – my note of pleading her to get me on her team. From then, every time I think of giving up, that piece of chocnut wrapper would always remind me how much I wanted to be back. Ika nga, “Ginusto mo yan eh”.

There were a lot of dramas in R2 test. But we can all laugh at them now. R2 finished. R3 came.

Release 3 – final release – graduation.

Being in this kalesa for 3 Releases was like being in school for years. Being with the same people, doing the same things but with added twists every release, was fun. Now, the final “year” has come. We learned a lot not only from the functionalities we were testing, but also learned a lot from each other. We now know each other better than what we know about each other from the first time we all met – and this makes “graduating” or “rolling off” sad.

To QD – the gentle giant, the Inang Diosa (fairy godmother), SBgirl (Super Big Girl).. 🙂

Thank you:

  • For getting me out of the dark (from my last project..haha)
  • for the encouragements that I can do what I thought I can’t
  • for answering my questions kahit na nasa kalagitnaan ka pala ng himpapawid
  • entrusting me R2 AT
  • for getting me again for R2 kahit na alam kong napilitan ka lang dahil sa pinky swear.. ahhaha
  • thank you for believing in me
  • thank you for helping me make takas the onshore ekek.
  • thank you for the “plans” you had for me..
  • And thank you.. because with you, I did not have to worry whether I talk fast, I talk slow, I talk too little or I talk too much.. because I know you understand that the “talking” part is not me.. basta.. hahaha
  • The friendship..
  • For the “It’s not you.. it’s me..” scene sa quiet room.. ahaha

To Charitie – the one with the sungit tone but not sungit naman.. 🙂

Thank you:

  • For leading R3 offshore… smoothly but surely.. hehe
  • For the knowledge you shared about RPAS
  • For being patient answering my questions on RPAS front and back end (kahit na sobrang basic na hindi ko pa matandaan).
  • For attending every Tuesday morning’s call (I know we talked about it already, but I’m sorry I really couldn’t make it to call on time, most of the time I never made it…huhu)
  • For introducing me BonChon’s blueberry torte
  • For the stories we shared – work, non-work, work-life, love, love-life na puro love walang life, kung meron mang life, hindi parin matatawag na lovelife, etc
  • For being patient with me, with us, the kids.. haha (feeling kid din ako)
  • For being the taga-plantsa ng itinerary pag gagala..
  • For showing us Dumaguete, and the dolphins na hindi naman nagpakita.. 😦

To Sheryll – the excel master 🙂

Thank you:

  • For the Validation Sheets.. bongga hanggang dito bumibida ang validation sheets mo.. hahaha
  • For the sleepless nights that we shared.. sa “kumikitang kabuhayan” days and nights.. hehe
  • For being my night shift partner since R1 to R2.. remember there was a night, when during the whole shift we did not talk to each other because we were so busy – you being busy with Shipment Rollover, and I was busy with JDA.. can’t believe we managed not to talk.. nag-usap lang tayo nung uwian na.. haha.. My night shift experience wouldn’t be fun if I were alone.. would have been scary.. hahaha
  • For protecting my “lab interest” from the hahahahha.. mas affected ka pa talaga.. hahahaha benta!
  • For trusting us (Dharyl, Cha, and me) with your ex-y-z story.. hahaha
  • For your newsflash reports – kung sinong dumadalaw sa cube ko pag wala ako, at kaninong mga mata ang sumisilip silip.. biruin mo yun napansin mo pa!? ahahaha

To Dharyl – the Borgs.. 🙂

Thank you:

  • I really thank the Japanese boys.. hahaha our friendship started there.. that one facebook post on December 31, 2011 about the New Year Countdown ng isang Japanese Entertainment show/agent/management.. and then after nun, ayun na! ahahaha
  • For working on weekends (R2) with the test team just so we have DEV who we can ask about Shipment Rollover, DW to PETL Actuals, and JDA.. kelangan talaga magkaron ng “Monumento ni Dharyl” sa gitna ng Coach Area.. hahahha ikaw na, Dha.. ikaw na!
  • For patiently waiting for us at the end of working day.. kahit na mas madalas mo kame pinaghihintay pag gumaganti ka… haha joke!
  • For sharing with us your ulamssss..
  • For patiently answering our paulit-ulit na questions lalo na sa makawalang-katinuan at maka-baliw na JDA WP, LE, NLE, SLE, NLE after an LE, NLE after an SLE, DCR, NFS, EKEK, etc! super thank you! 🙂
  • For coming with us during lunch, kahit na may baon ka, napapagastos ka tuloy.. well kase inggitera ka din minsan sa kinakain eh.. hahaha..
  • Sa mga moments na bigla kitang yayayain uminom dahil sa stress.. “Dha, inom tayo” na maluha-luha.. At sa hindi pag-iwan sa akin nung same night na yan na nakatulog ako sa lamesa dahil ginawa kong tubig un isang pitcher ng “badtrip” sa Central! Hehe..!

To the ex-kutseros..

Ruby – the seksi mommy Rose Ginga 🙂 Thank you for all the advises you shared with us – work, non-work, buhay pamilya, buhay may-asawa, buhay buhay sa bahay, etc. Ikaw parin ang B2 ko saanmang project ako mapunta.. hahaha.. Sana hindi humulas ang kagandahan mo sa mga projects na pupuntahan mo. Sana dumating parin ang project na pagsasamahan natin.. Miss na miss na miss na miss na miss na miss na kita!! Hehehe

Jackie – sa iyong walang humpay na kasungitan saan ka man magpunta.. improving na sya ngayon, may nalalaman nang tampo.. hehe.. kakain ulit tayo sa labas, magtiwala ka lang.. pag nakauwi na si QD! Malapit na yun! Sana! Hehehe! Thank you for your inspiring message on your last day.. pasaway kang sungit ka may puso karin pala.. hahaha joke! Naiyak kase ako nung last day mo.. hehehe

Liza thank you dun sa task na binigay mo nung weekend work.. at may sarili akong mundo.. hehe Thank you sa sandaling panahon na nakasama kita sa R2 habang wala pa si She at QD sa offshore.. hehe Thank you sa pagpapa-stay mo sa amin sa condo nyo ng lunch at gabi bago gumala sa Hot Air Balloon.. 🙂


  • first bites (rolling in)
  • hierarchies
  • measures
  • actuals
  • shipment rollover and the shipment rollover song “🎶roll over the ocean, roll over the sea 🎶” ni daddy Robert
  • RPAS front and back end
  • PETL
  • other systems to petl to rpas then pabalik naman
  • the validation spreadsheets
  • si biggie, bigger, biggest
  • yung “I ❤ NY” shirt ni biggie, na kasalanan ni Cha, ni CHAng walang kamalay-malay
  • yung heart window ni She para dungaw lang si biggie (san ba inorder un di na nakarating)
  • yung Wendy’s biggie size iced tea kung saan nagmula ang name ni biggie
  • yung night shift sa 21f
  • yung pag-ober-da-bakod ng cube ni She..
  • ang kumikitang kabuhayan nung R1 (close to 5 digits)
  • ang naluging kumikitang kabuhayan nung R2 (3 digits na lang..haha)
  • ang close to ‘wala nang kinitang kabuhayan” nung R3.. hahahaha
  • “hindi defect yan”, “data issue!” ni chammy’ng original balat
  • ang mga kwento at jokes ni rozen, at si jason praz..
  • yung hershey’s ni biggie at polvoron ni she.. ayieeee
  • pandesal na pasalubong ni Jackie sa umaga para sa mga nag-night shift.. 🙂
  • the ICE BREAKER status report!
  • ang kulitan after ng call with onshore, pagbaba na pagbaba ng phone ni Robert.. tawa na agad!
  • the pinky swear moment
  • jardji, jardjina, horge (horhe), gorge, bgirl, tapos jocella!
  • yung barkong lumubog nung 1912 na biglang nagpakita nung 2012 after 100 deymn years! (alam nyo na yan.. haha)
  • un mga makukulit na kids ng R2
  • un mga rich kids ng R3.. grabe ASEs palang, nag-e-SB.. kame nga YEARS pa muna! Ahahaha
  • si Robin at ang Tidal (pwedeng title ng movie ah parang Enteng kabisote, ayyy Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone para sosyal)
  • “it’s not you.. it’s me” *sabay todong luha*
  • ang “love letter” ko galing kay Eugenia
  • ang “love letter” ni She dahil sa Sh*tment Rollover
  • ang “gloomy day kase” kaya SL si QD
  • ang ice cream pampasaya
  • ang mga pampasaya foodsssss
  • ang “freedom glass board” na nakapag-improve ng drawing skills nating lahat.. 🙂
  • ang pausong recall recall ng individual handoff.. haha sa R3 lang yun! my gulay.
  • ang picture picture at random moments..
  • ang R2 AT themesongs, 1 album, 13 tracks
    1. Sana’y wala nang wakas
    2. May bukas pa
    3. Kung maibabalik ko lang
    4. Sayang
    5. I make it through the rain
    6. Lead me Lord
    7. Break it to me gently
    9. Bakit ngayon ka lang
    10. (qd) please come back
    11. I tried my best, but I guess my best wasn’t good enough
    12. why does the sun go on shining
    13. Journey
  • songs for R3..
    1. I Won’t Give UP
    2. Anong Kailangan Kong Gawin
    3. Lead me, Lord
    4. If We Hold On Together
    5. Ispageting Pababa
    6. Ewan
  • ang “Oh Lord” moments..
  • “inom tayo” fridays pampaalis ng stress na dulot ng buong linggo nung R2…
  • ang pagbabago – less inoms, more fun runs..
  • ang fun runs, finish lines at finisher medals..
  • yung madayang weighing scale ni chammy
  • yung Plan A-Z na nilista namin ni She
  • videoke
  • ambers
  • chocnut (na parang minamagnet si QD, na kasalanan ko daw kaya sya tumataba)
  • si baby bear at ang mommy butanding.. hehehe
  • un timtams band na walang mabuong kanta, puro ingay lang sa studio.. haha
  • at ang last bite (roll off)

..And a lot lot lot more.. 🙂

For every new project, one can only hope and pray and wish that it would be better than their last. My last was the best so far. It’s rare to be in a team that has been close as a family.

Harmonious working relationship – eto un eh 😉

From the first bite nung R1, to my pinky swear moment with QD nung R2.. to the last bite nung R3.. What a Journey it really had been. Ang haba ng nilakbay nung kalesa.. and I’m glad I was in the Kalesa tripping with you..

photo credit: Charitie

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