Happiness is…

  • a nice conversation
  • one pack of chocnut
  • guitars!
  • the LOVE bumper stickers and LINE stickers, too! Hehe
  • a new blog follower
  • a hoodie jacket
  • a backpack
  • a ‘very good!’ or a ‘good job’
  • an ‘I care’ and an ‘I believe in you’
  • when someone reads what I write
  • when someone listens to my recordings no matter how raw or when I sing
  • a LINE call
  • dark chocolates!
  • hapPnEss (parokya ni edgar)
  • Jason mraz
  • LINE stickers
  • new level in Candy Crush
  • delicious meal
  • blueberry torte
  • a fun fun run with fun fun friends 🙂
  • the finish line and the finisher medal 🙂
  • a ‘for a cause’ activity
  • repacking of goods in dswd for the flood victims
  • charity works and having friends join me
  • jam session
  • an acoustic night
  • videoke!
  • when someone misses me
  • my fb or what I call Freedom (online) Board.. haha
  • a happy family
  • kulit friends
  • avocado!
  • ice cream and black forest cake!
  • munchkins!
  • Hugs
  • an ‘I miss you’

..and many more!

Why this list..?


Happiness and love are just around us. We only have to have all our senses working to see, feel, hear (or even smell it) and recognize it, and be the ‘happiness’ and ‘love’ we wish to have.


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