End the Chain. Choose What You Pay Forward.

We only give what we were given.

We give love because we were given love.

We show others kindness because once in our life we were shown with it.

It’s nice to know that these are chains of good deeds or experiences. We pass on to someone the good that we received as a form of paying it forward. We make others experience the goodness that we had the chance to experience once in our life.

However, it isn’t just goodness that we give and take.

We have to admit, that sometimes most of us also give and take.. the bad – we get even.

Sometimes we wonder why people do what they do – why a person gets satisfaction from bullying other people, why a person gets happy when hurting others, etc. Then, we conclude that maybe earlier in their lives, they have been hurt or bullied and it is their way of getting even. A form of paying back a bad experience by inflicting it on others and make them feel what they felt before.

In effect, those they have hurt will do the same to others, simply just to get even with what they experienced. And so it goes like a chain – a chain of bad experiences.

I, too have experienced bad treatment from other people but I do not make it an excuse to treat others badly. I believe that if I want to get even with those who didn’t treat me right, I should start treating other people not by how I was being treated before, but by how I wanted to be treated.

We share what we were given. If it’s a beautiful thing, then pass it on. If it’s not, then do what’s right, but pass on the lesson. Just because you were mistreated before doesn’t mean it is okay to mistreat others.

And this, I call.. paying a bad deed with doing a good deed forward.

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