My Gratitude List, 2012

Dear Lord,

As the year ends, I made a list of things to thank You for in the year that was. I planned to complete 12 bullets but ended up short by 3. I know that I still have a lot to thank You that I cannot list them all down tonight.

My Gratitude List

Thank You for allowing me to explore a project/group I have never been into – but doesn’t mean I want to go back. At last I have explored all the big groups in the old MORP. 😉

Thank You for making me realize not to trust a person’s words easily. (Kind words plus good looks are deceiving)

Thank You for putting me back (after so many ‘please’es hehe) to be part of the team that I have grown to love.

Thank You for helping me survive my first mini team (at). Thanks for giving me my first ‘kids’. They are so bright.

Thank You for blessing me with people who believe in me even if most of the time I doubt my own strengths.

For sending me difficult people – my patience was tested. Thank You..

Thank You for sending me a big kuya that even if You did not bless me with an older brother You still make me feel that I have one.

Thank You for blessing me with friends who don’t only remember me when they’re sad, but when they’re happy, too.

Thank You for blessing me with a family that’s been patient with me for the past 28 years. Thank You for giving this specific bunch of people. I wouldn’t know who I’d be if I weren’t one of them.

And last, but not the least, thank You so much for the new experiences, the fun activities You made me experience that made me want to aim to live my life more and to its fullest….

Yours alone,

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