where does the sun set last


Same time yesterday (1:40-ish am), a question popped into my head and I decided to search for the answer over the net.

“Where does the sun set last?”

I came upon so many answers but none of them was the answer I was expecting to get as the answers came from different interpretations of the question. Some took the question literally saying that nobody knows when the last sunset will be, and the like.

While I was still searching for the right or at least serious answer, I thought that the question might be a good subject or line for a poem. Then I suddenly thought of the following lines…

where does the sun rise first?
where does the sun set last?
if the time here is too slow
would the time there be too fast ..

if you were here
and if I were there
would I be contented
or still wish to be somewhere..?

Now, I don’t know how to continue and finish this poem anymore. I will just let it as is, posting so this simple random poem won’t go to waste, hoping someday I’ll find words to finish it. πŸ™‚

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