V is for… Vandal

Last year in July, I, together with my friend Laura, celebrated our friend Estela’s birthday with her family. It was an overnight stay in their house somewhere I cannot remember now. Hehe

What I just really wanted to share here tonight is something I found amazing in the Church where the 3 of us went before heading to our separate ways the day after Estela’s birthday celebration.

We went to the Replica of St. Lourdes Basilica to hear a mass and later walk around the church.


And this is where I saw Vandals.

A Church or Basilica where Vandalism is allowed? I became curious of why are there vandals, why people write on the patios of this sacred place, and how come there are no signages that prohibit it.

Then I realized when I started to read the writings that these were not really vandals that I know of.

Some of the writings were letters or notes to their loved ones..



and some were even wishes of finding the right person.


While I was reading all those “vandals”, instead of ranting why these writings are there, I was just smiling. 🙂

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