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H is for… Hearts

Month(s) ago, I decided to create a photo album of pictures of hearts or heart formations that I randomly see anywhere.

I am just amazed at how many times I was able to see heart figures on the floor, from a shadow, etc.

As of this writing, here are the pictures I took and gathered since i first saw one.

I see a heart, do you?

I just took a strand of my left-over noodle and formed it into a heart 😉

this is my earphone cable and was surprised when I pulled it from my backpack and see a heart knot. 🙂

it was one Wednesday morning when I got out of the house and I instantly saw a heart in this deflated balloon – what a beautiful thing to start my day.. 🙂

And lastly, it took me more or less 30 minutes to take a nice or clear shot of the heart formed by the shadows of the trees of our neighbor that reflected on our wall. 😉

it’s right below.. did you see it? I hope you do..

Somehow these pictures also show that hearts can be anywhere, and we can really see Love everywhere and in any form. 😉

Maybe what my eyes see ain’t what yours see. I can only hope that you do. 🙂

Btw, before I could forget..
Happy Easter, everyone! 🙂


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