C is for… Car Park

I was looking all day for something to take a picture of for tonight’s entry on the AtoZChallenge, but I have always left my iPod touch in my backpack. But it would have been as useless if I had it with me as there wasn’t a thing that fancied me anyway.

I heard a couple of C’s today but none of them have I gotten any interest writing about.

I don’t want to talk about CDART because it is so technical for me and I don’t even know what each letter means. All I know is that it’s all about Metrics – budget or baseline hours vs actual hours it took to finish a phase (development, testing, etc), and an explanation why it over-budgeted if it did.

On the other hand, I have nothing interesting to tell here about C for Cheeseburger which I ate for dinner at Tokyo Tokyo (in Robinsons Pioneer, Mandaluyong) except that it tasted good. =p

I was in a cram for C words when I realized the big C in front me – an almost empty, spacious Car Park! I was on a queue of passengers waiting for a Jeepney ride home and took the chance to take a picture of this Car Park just outside the Trinoma Mall.

And look! Another C in the picture! C for City – from the name of the mall just across Trinoma: SM City North Edsa. 😉


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