Question 745 by marcandangel @

..You don’t expect or ask them to love you just because you love them first.
..You don’t require them to change for you, but help them become the best that they can be, for their sake.
..You don’t count the tears you’ve cried for them. Instead, you count the happy moments they bring that made you tear for joy.
..You don’t expect them to be nice to you just because they know you treat them special.

When you truly love someone, even if you have waited for years for them to realize your worth (but they never did), you don’t ask why, and you don’t ask for how long will you still keep on waiting.

Lastly, when you truly love someone, even if in the end you’re still not loved the way you wanted because that love isn’t for you, it won’t matter.

You just love.. and it doesn’t matter whether or not you are being loved back.

For me, the greatest feeling is not “to love and be loved”, but the realization that you can love someone without getting something in return for doing so..


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