bad timing for a bad word.. twice


What would you feel if somebody just popped/ping-ed you “shit” out of the blue in a chat conference conversation?

NOTE that he used it without an asterisk “*” to hide the whole word.

I will not be shocked if it was supposed to be just a joke – but it was not. I will not even question that expression if it came from a friend – but it was not, and I will not make a big deal of it if it came from someone I should look up to – but it did.

I have nothing against those who use or “eat” bad words, because I am not a perfect person and I sometimes use them when I am pissed. I have loud friends. I hear them say bad words – but I never heard or read them say or write things as “sh*t” where it is NOT needed or valid to use it, or where it isn’t called for.

I was working from home on a Friday, weeks ago. I was supposed to attend a meeting (by phone). Somebody invited me and a few people to a conference chat conversation.

Attendee 1: ano po’ng meeting id? (what’s the meeting id)?
THE person: shit

Somebody from the chat conference sent me a separate message: Anong problema nya? bakit sya nagmura? (what’s his problem? why did he say it (sh*t)?

I replied with: hindi ko alam. (i don’t know)

We really had no idea why he said what he said. There’s even no follow up message/reaction from him like “oops I’m sorry it wasn’t for you” or “I’m sorry I just got carried away”.. So what the hell was his problem?

That wasn’t the first time he did it. It also happened before, but I can understand what’s that “sh*t” for, then. This time was different. I also remember that one time when he sent us an email – a reply you wouldn’t expect from someone you respect.

I had been reporting to different people (with different personalities) but never have I heard them say bad words even on their worst moods.

I admire that one person who stayed calm scolding me and the rest of our team, but making sure we understand what she wanted us to learn. That time, we really felt her anger without making us feel we’re the worst people she ever handled. That time, she was the best disciplinarian for me.

*sighs* I just wish he’d be recommended to take trainings that teach GOOD MANNERS and RIGHT CONDUCT in Written, Oral, and Verbal Communication.

Oh well.

I am just sure of one thing. He’s not somebody I would want to be like someday. 😉

6 thoughts on “bad timing for a bad word.. twice

  1. Hayz… He should to Elementary and take the GMRC subject… Anyway, we really have to deal with different person… Worst and best people… Just take what you can learn from that experience and then move on… Your life deserve best…

    1. hehe. Kaya favorite ko un “use all the manners you learned from kindergarten” eh.. Baka di sya nag-kinder kaya ganun.. Hehe! 🙂

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