my first (and last) confession

I confess with all my heart
I love you from the start
I won’t lie, I won’t deny
Should you ask me, should you ask why

It’s been 4 years since that night
When I got home and realized
Something I never thought I’d see
The one I’ve been looking for was just someone so close to me

You may think it was easy
But tell you what it’s never been easy for me
That every time you’re with someone
How i wish i could be that one.

I know that you can only treat me like a sister
And, I likewise should treat you like a brother
But how can I stop what I’m feeling
If until now you’re still the one i’m thinking

All these years I remained so quiet
All these years I tried to hide it
I never wanted to see you go
So I never planned to let you know

I don’t know how to end this poem
Coz to tell you everything, it’s gonna be very long
Before this year ends I just want to tell you that Jok loves you
Don’t worry       , you don’t have to love her too..

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