Power sentence for every year in my life – 1984 to present

Post #109

Write a power sentence for every year of your life

For each year you have been alive, write a single sentence about the most important thing that happened to you that year.

And because I have a strong memory, here it is……….

1993 - The first time I had my hair cut.

1984 – The day I was born.

1985 – My first birthday. 🙂

1986 – 1st EDSA People Power Revolution – and my parents and grandmother told me I was there (my grandfather brought me in EDSA that day in 1986). 🙂

1987 – My 3rd birthday

1988 – I was Flower Girl in an aunt’s wedding

1989 – Went to Day Care Center in Bago Bantay, Quezon City and was awarded “Little Ms. DSWD” (ahaha)

1990 – Attended regular school. Kindergarten at San Lorenzo Ruiz School in Meycauayan, Bulacan

1991 – Fought with a male classmate – Jonel.

1992 – My teacher, Ms. Castroberde, scolded me for not finishing my Math exercise – so was the last one to take my recess, thanks to Ate Mackring and my classmate Stephanie for comforting me in the canteen.

1993 – Met my first School Best Friend, Gina

1994 – I cried after one Monday morning program.

1995 – Won the title “Ms. Grade 5”. Ahaha!

1996 – Met my 2nd School Best Friend, Florielyn

1997 – I was separated from most of my childhood friends as they transferred to other schools within Bulacan. *sad*

1998 – Was the first time I transferred school and moved in to Metro Manila.

1999 – Met my high school Best Friend, Ghed

2000 – Was “admitted” to an all-boys circle or group of friends. (And yes, they told me I am their only girl, and their “bunso”) Hihi

2001 – My first year in College, met my first College friend, Charlotte – and also was the first time to commute going to school ALONE

2002 – I drowned in my first swimming class. Haha

2003 – First out-of-town trip with my College best friends Estela and Laura for a project in Rizal course.

2004 – My first acoustic performance at an Acquaintance Party in Naughty Strings, Tomas Morato.

2005 – Graduated from College

2006 – Passed the interview and got a job at ACN.

2007 – That Christmas Party where I got a photo stub #143, which I will never forget.

2008 – DODGEBALL + Movie Marathon

2009 – Engaged in Badminton (win or lose.. but always lost)

2010 – Joined a Fandom: NEWS (jpop)

2011 – My 5th year in ACN, and also marks 4 years of loving silently.. weh? Ahaha!

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