The 30-Day Song Challenge – Day 12 ♪

Post #103

♪ A song from a band you hate.

SORRY by Cueshe

Ahaha. It’s not that I hate the band. I just don’t like them.

Just because I don’t like something or somebody, doesn’t mean I hate them. I just don’t find myself listening to or flailing at them. Hehe *winks*

For feeling this way, I’m SORRY.

This is a nice song, by the way. :) I was once a fan of this song. Hehe! :)

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ang init!! #myshirtsays #try #keepUp what's your problemo? feeling may sumasakal sa kamay ko.. namamanhid nasasakal di naman naka-longsleeves.. 😢 diko na alam kung san ko isasabit yung kamay ko.. haha huhuhuuu merienda+dinner with Wewe! :) thanks, for making me unHEALTHier today! Hahaha busog na busog pa din.. #beefpatty #bacon #burger #fries #doublechocolate #blueberrycheesecake #popcorn #popcorn Goooood Morrrniiiiing! :) <3

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