‘made-up words’ to date

Post #102

A prompt from wordpress.

Make up a word and its definition.

I like making up words but I don’t list them. And when I received the prompt from WordPress, I suddenly regretted not listing all the words I once came up with.

Luckily, I found my old blog entries with some of the words I once made up.

  • wetnesday – noun.

From the words: wet + wednesday. Simply means that one Wednesday morning when I got wet from the heavy rain while on my way to the office. Read it here > wetnesday.. (early bird.. but wet)

  • wishpom – noun.

From the words: wish + poem. Simply means a wish poem. A poem that tells about your wish. I once wrote a wishpom.

  • moth-terfly – noun.

From the words: moth + butterfly. I came up with this word because I wasn’t sure if the insect was a moth or a butterfly. Read the story here > moth-terfly. It’s written in Filipino, by the way.

and last, but not the least.. my most favorite made up word:

  • bloguidelines – noun.

From the words: blog + guidelines.

This refers to a list of things to remember when writing blog posts. bloguidelines .. 🙂 I wrote an entry about this (written in Filipino), but unfortunately I missed importing it from my Multiply account.

There’s just this one word, I cannot remember if I was the one who started and used it: HAPPYNING/s – which means ‘a happy happening/s’.  🙂

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